Friday, September 4, 2009

My Little Panda Poken Needs A Friend

I bought my little Poken (to the left) a few weeks ago and have yet to make friends with someone in the Atlanta area that has one as well. So, my Panda Poken needs a friend.

Pokens swap a virtual business card by doing a High-4 (see the four-fingered hand in the picture at left). Touch two Pokens together and they will send each other the virtual business card. You can then connect them to your PC or Mac and upload the collected cards to your Poken card database. Pretty simple and fun.

I wonder how Pokens will do as Apps like Bump proliferate on Apple iPhones -- another way to swap virtual business cards. I have used Bump and it is ok, but the connections were a little touchy.

So, I am looking for a Tweetup, Meetup or Poken Party in the Atlanta area. Please leave a comment if you know of an upcoming event.

Here are some more articles on the Poken (@poken):

What We Can Learn From Poken - Josh Bernoff, @jbernoff, Forrester Research, Groundswell Blog

Wikipedia Poken

Poken: Tiny RFID Thingies That Share All Your Personal Data With Others

Vlogger Sarah Austin's "Back in SF" Poken Party - San Francisco Chronicle

And you can join Poken network groups on Facebook and Ning.

And here are a couple of videos that provide more detail on Poken:

Poken: The Movie

Wall Street Journal Video on Pokens


MemeRunner said...

Cool bit of technology. However, I'm curious about their selected target market -- kids. I'm not sure kids run into that many new people in their physical worlds. School, sports, etc. Their pretty circular.

Around the office, we've been talking about how tedious the business card process is. I've tried Bump too, can't find anyone else using it.

But something like this would be great at a conference, where you're constantly running into people. Imagine getting home, sticking this is your USB and uploading everything to LinkedIn?

Nice post. Bert. Hadn't heard of Poken's before.

Jimmy S said... in conjunction with will be hosting a poken Party in Atlanta within the next 30 days!
Look forward to meeting soon!