Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ignite Atlanta

Ignite Atlanta is 18 presentations, 20 slides per presentation, 20 seconds per slide. Very similar to Pecha Kucha. Hashtag on Twitter is #IgniteATL and Twitter id is @IgniteATL.

All information is here:

Backchannel conversation is here:

#1 - 9 Really Dumb Mistakes People Make in Business - @davideckoff
#2 - No Adult Left Behind - @HeathWilkes
#3 - Common Sense - @Corvida
#4 - Sustainable Overclocking - @gomeler
#5 - Beauty For Change - @juliesquires
#6 - Welcome To Atlanta - @AmericanMaglev
#7 - Science and the Importance of Chit-Chat -
#8 - Why Can't Our Space Program Be Like The iPod - There is a lot of Space to Explore
#9 - Secrets of Sand Skink (Sand Fish) Swimming in Sand
#10 - The Meaning of Life - Random Slides, Random Speaker (Birthday Gag)
#11 - The Hydrogen Myth - Stephen Fleming, Vice Provost Georgia Tech
#12 - A Case Of The Mondays - @MondayNight - Craft Brewing
#13 - HDR Imaging for n00bs - High Dynamic Range - @Stammy
#14 - How To Identify A Social Media Douchebag - @tessa
#15 - Posting Economy - wtf - Ignite Denver representative
#16 - Mil-OSS - Military Open Source Software - @simplehuman
#17 - Parallel Entrepreneurism - How to have 5 startups and not work very hard - joke presentation - 4-hour Work Week Satire - @pfreet
#18 - Deliverance - Keith McGreggor -"Singularity is a point where we can't see past it."

Ignite Atlanta has been a very interesting and entertaining event. There probably needs to be a few more rehearsals before the day of presentations, but overall the presenters did a good job for the first event in Atlanta.

Additional blog posts:
Ignite ATL - A Mini TED of the Southeast - @yanekm - my perspective: "I would not go that far, but it has the opportunity to turn into something special".

You Can't Handle The Truth - @JennyDeVaughn


Jenny DeVaughn said...

Nice comprehensive list and post regarding IgniteATL! The after-party at @OctaneCoffee was fun too.

Lizzie Azzolino said...

Thanks for this post, Bert! I was trying to figure out what Ignite is exactly, and this fits the bill! I would love to check out the next event.