Monday, August 17, 2009

SXSW Panel Proposal: Building a Team That Embraces Social Technologies

I submitted a panel for SXSW - South By Southwest 2010 - titled: Building a Team That Embraces Social Technologies. My co-panelist is Kami Huyse of Communications Overtones. I will add 2 additional panelists if the panel proposal is accepted.

Here is the panel description:
Event: Interactive 2010
Level: Advanced
Type: Panel

Branding / Marketing / Publicity, Business / Entrepreneurial / Monetization, Career / Work Concerns, Case Study, Social Networking

Bert DuMars, Newell Rubbermaid

  1. When is the right time to bring in a consultant or agency?
  2. How do you determine if a consultant has the required expertise?
  3. What does it take for this arrangement to be successful?
  4. What approach should the team leader take to keep it working?
  5. How can agencies and consultants effectively work alongside internal teams?
  6. What is best left to the internal team?
  7. What role is best played by the external team?
  8. How to avoid infighting among multiple agencies and consultants?
  9. How can these blended teams work together to craft strategies to engage?
  10. Why do some efforts fail to produce the desired results?

This session will cover how brands successfully integrate internal and external teams to engage with customers using social technologies. Both agencies and companies will learn how to work together more effectively to serve the customer. It also covers what consultants can do and what is best left to the brand.
If you find this panel of interest and think it would add value to South by Southwest 2010, please go here and vote.

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