Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quck-n-Dirty Social Media Podcast

I have the pleasure of being a guest on the Quick-n-Dirty Social Media Podcast this evening, 6 PM Eastern Time, August 13, 2009. The hosts are Jennifer Leggio, ZDNet Blogger and @Mediaphyter, and Aaron Strout, CMO Powered Inc. and @AaronStrout. We will be discussing Newell Rubbermaid's branded social media and community marketing efforts and other related topics.

For those who cannot listen live, the Podcast will be available and archived on BlogTalkRadio.

Added 09/10/09 - A little background on the Quick 'n' Dirty Podcast and the hosts: New Podcast with Jennifer Leggio aka Mediaphyter

1 comment:

Aaron_Strout said...

Bert - this was a great show (one of our favorites). Thanks again for sharing some your time to show off your smarts. I LOVE what NR is doing in the social space.