Friday, August 21, 2009

Atlanta PR Camp

I had the pleasure of being a camp counselor/moderator today at the PR Camp Atlanta (press release) event developed by Dan Greenfield of Bernaise Source Media.

The event was held at the Georgia Tech Research Institute Conference Center and there were approximately 200 attendees.

I had the pleasure of moderating the first session for the Green Team. We discussed the following:

  • What obstacles have to be overcome to gain executive level trust to support the creation and execution of new media and social web marketing programs?
  • What tactics and strategies are off the table?
  • What new media and social web marketing programs are much easier to explain and execute? What programs are easier to get executive buy-in?
Team Green had great insights, energy and ideas on how to answer these questions and address these very important topics. The main point of the event was to provide an immersive social media and fast paced experience.

Team Green proposed the following in response to the questions above:
  • overcoming executive fear through education
  • developing a cohesive and well-thought out strategy
  • explaining how social media is another channel to the consumer
It was a fantastic event and I had the pleasure of meeting many new people in Atlanta. Dan Greenfield did a great job arranging and managing the event.

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