Saturday, June 20, 2009

Clay Shirky: How Twitter can make history

I just watched this June 2009 TED (TED = Technology, Entertainment, Design) video: "Clay Shirky: How Twitter can make history" for the 5th time and I continue getting more social web ecosystem insights out of it. Clay Shirky is amazingly prescient as seen in both of the below videos. The older TED video from 2005: "Clay Shirky on institutions vs. collaboration" predicted almost exactly what would happen in the social web ecosystem and how it would impact society and culture in 2008.

This June 2009 video essentially predicts, without specifically calling out Iran, what could happen politically, socially and culturally when closed societies' citizens gain and use the power of the social web ecosystem and open tools and services like Twitter.

Both videos are well worth the approximately twenty minute investment to watch. Also, check out the TED Blog: "Q&A with Clay Shirky on Twitter and Iran" where he discusses the Iran election and political uprising that is still continuing today, June 20, 2009.

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