Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How Digital Channels Will Change Brand Management Forever - #FCF09

I will be on a panel today at the Forrester Consumer Forum 2009 in Chicago, IL October 27, 2009. The panel is titled: How Digital Channels Will Change Brand Management Forever: A Panel Discussion for Customer Intelligence & Marketing Leadership Professionals. The panel will be moderated by Lisa Bradner (@lisabradner) of Forrester and include:

  • Colin Gillespie Global Director of Marketing, Lego
Here are the questions and topics we will be covering:
  • Why and how must traditional brand management change in the face of digital channels?
  • How are brands incorporating new channels into their marketing organizations?
  • How are organizations balancing global and local branding?
  • How does theh role of agencies change in the digital era?
Looking forward to meeting the other panelists and having a thoughtful and insightful panel discussion on this important topic.

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fabiola said...

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This would be an insightful exchanging of ideas on one of the issues that companies facing today. Especially the issues on brand chartering, on creating and communicating the brand, managing brand organization, and directing and structuring the brand. Are this questions covered by the discussion?