Sunday, December 14, 2008

Newell Rubbermaid Social Media Marketing Blog Posts And Articles

It has been a very active past couple of weeks for the Newell Rubbermaid social media marketing teams. We have received positive recognition for our efforts from several influential social media marketing, PR and communications bloggers. Below are a list and links to these articles and blog posts:

  • People Don't Trust Company Blogs. What You Should Do About It by Josh Bernoff - Josh wrote a highly controversial blog post and Forrester Research report on the general mistrust consumers have with corporate or brand blogs. There was considerable discussion on Twitter and in the blogosphere about this report. I think what was missed in all that discussion was the excellent corporate or brand blog framework proposed by Josh as part of his Groundswell blog post and research report. He also identified those doing brand blogging correctly including our Rubbermaid blog. Also, I believe the trust issue is important to consider and evaluate. I personally believe trust will grow as brands get better at blogging and developing content that is focused on problem solving, how to, fun, creative uses and opening a communications path for consumers to interact with brand employees. Josh Bernoff is also the author of the Groundswell book a great resource on social media marketing. Josh can be found on Twitter at @JBernoff.
A very busy couple of weeks and I want to extend my appreciation to all the authors referenced above. As usual, I learn as much from them as they from me and the Newell Rubbermaid social media marketing teams and I value their perspective on the social media ecosystem.


Anonymous said...

Bert, Thanks for the kind words about the interview, Jim did all the work though. :-)

Did keep me up to date about Newell Rubbermaid's progress with social media marketing and monitoring. Very curious to hear how the company builds the infrastructure needed to monitor, respond, acknowledge and demonstrate participation in communities. Though it seems you have a one man engine for keeping on top of things with Jim.

Also interested to hear how you are using social media for research and innovation management.

Big B said...

John - Thanks for the comment. We are currently focusing our social media efforts on consumer engagement with our brands. We have been evaluating research and innovation management or crowdsourcing opportunities, but have not implemented anything yet. Probably will do something in this space in 2009.

As far as monitoring goes, each brand is using a different methodology. For example, Graco is working with Converseon and their Conversation Mining tool. We have evaluated a few tools from an enterprise perspective, but have not made any decisions yet.

Kami Huyse said...

I think that these posts speak to the way in which your company is approaching social media. I am very glad to be a following your progress and learning too. One can always learn new things.

Beth Harte said...

Well deserved Bert! You and your team are doing a great job in the social media space. And I have enjoyed getting to see it in action.

BTW, gave you and your team a shout out on the Livingston Communications Buzz Bin blog. :)

One day you'll be in text book as a case study for what to do right. In the meantime, I'll share the information with my students next semester. If you're ever headed up to Exton, let me know...I'd love to have you speak to my class. :)

Happy holidays to you and all of Newell Rubbermaid.