Friday, July 11, 2008

A Portal to Media Literacy

Prof. Michael Wesch presents his social media anthropology learning process. A major part of his presentation focuses on his insights into engaging students to learn. He also discusses how fast the social media ecosystem is evolving and that there is no true legacy, as most companies in this space are young, starting after the year 2000. He also discusses the ramifications of students not being just consumers of information but also creators. This alone will continue to have a major impact on how students learn in the future.

I love his quote "we are all dumb in this space - teachers and student alike." I believe this is true. We are still in the infancy of social media and we are all explorers.

Another insight on this great video: the power of social media, not only impacts the classroom, but could also be used in companies with employees working on innovation, ideation, development, marketing and other business projects.

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