Thursday, June 26, 2008

University of Georgia CONNECT Conference

I have been asked to speak at the University of Georgia CONNECT Public Relations and Social Media Conference September 20, 2008. I have Paull Young of Converseon to thank for connecting me with Karen Russell at the University of Georgia. As much as I enjoy speaking on interactive marketing and social media, I really enjoy hearing what others are doing. What has worked well for them, what they experimented with, and, of course, what to avoid. I am also looking forward to engaging with both the professors and students. New insights and new learnings are always welcome.


Paull said...

Great to see that you'll be there Bert, I'll be attending as well so anticipate some heckling and tough questions ;)

Seriously though, CONNECT last year is still right up there as one of the best social media conferences I've been to, and I've seen plenty. A great vibe, smart speakers and a relaxed friendly atmosphere. I'd recommend it to anyone in the area.

Big B said...

Paull - Thanks for the feedback. I am looking forward to it and I agree that often times the smaller, more focused conferences can be some of the very best. Plus it is a great place for me to network with people more geographically local to where I live and work.

Karen Russell said...

Bert, we're looking forward to your visit. And all your readers should pay close attention to Paull's testimonial. :-)